Jaina vs Kookaburra Cricket Ball Review

Both cricket balls are ideal for professional Test matches.

A. Jaina Cricket Ball

JAINA Tournament Series 2pc Hand Stitched Leather Ball


You can purchase Jaina cricket balls in sets. Jaina two-ball set costs  ₹ 3,400 while the other set has 12 balls which costs ₹ 31,199. This cricket ball is used in professional Test cricket matches or even in practice matches. 


Jaina cricket ball has an average weight of 158.76g. It is ideal for fast-bowlers or spinners who make powerful bowls on the pitch. Due to the ball’s shape and weight, players with small hands will not be able to hold it properly. It will ensure a powerful bounce once bowled by the bowler. 


The ball has a circumference of 266mm which is the standard size of a cricket ball. An expert in bowling can hold this ball perfectly, especially when they have large hands. It can give you powerful swings that will dismiss a batsman from the opposing team. 


The Jaina Tournament Series cricket ball is made from genuine tanned leather that resists scratches. It is water-resistant and guarantees prolonged use. The core of the Jaina cricket ball is made of Portuguese cork with 100% wool. It also has a tightly wound string. This makes the ball in shape and enhances a perfect bounce when bowled. 


Jaina cricket balls are made for professional Test matches. It can also be used in junior cricket matches, club and school games. However, since a Test match is comprised of five days, using it in more than 20 overs can damage the ball. Losing or damaging it beyond its usability is a pain in your budget since Jaina cricket balls are costly.

B. Kookaburra Cricket Ball


The Kookaburra Gold King Cricket Ball costs ₹3,249. This ball is made of high-quality materials with the help of Kookaburra’s technology of creating the best cricket balls.


The ball has a weight of 156g, which is almost the average weight of a cricket ball. It is ideal for pacers and spinners who make excellent deliveries. Both player and non-player alike can hold the ball easily. With the help of its weight, spin bowlers can give their best shot. 


The ball has an average circumference of 225mm. The size makes it easy to grip and bowl in different styles such as fast-bowling or spin bowling. It can also be delivered at a high speed in order to out the batsman. 


The Kookaburra cricket ball is made of top-grade alum tanned leather which makes it scratch and water-resistant. The core has a moulded cork inside which adds weight and enhances bounce to the ball. It is also stitched with nylon that keeps the ball firm with perfect shape. 


It is also an ICC-approved cricket ball so it can be used in professional Test matches. The ball can also be used in casual matches and practice matches. Club cricketers mostly use this ball since it is ideal to use for more than 40 overs. 

C. Overall Comparison

The Jaina Cricket Ball and Kookaburra Cricket Ball are relatively for professional Test matches. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in club, school or casual games. Kookaburra wins on this one, given the materials that the ball is made of. Plus, it is also an ICC-approved ball. It guarantees much-prolonged use than Jaina cricket ball because it can maintain its durability for more than 40 overs of Test cricket.