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Learn the different kinds of online casinos and games they offer. Know how you can play safely and securely as you play and wager.

online casino games like poker and baccarat

Betting on your favorite teams or leagues is fun but there is a waiting time before you find out if you won. As you wait for the results, why don’t you try betting on online casinos? There are more than thousands of games you can choose from in different categories and platforms. The payout is faster and higher depending on your stake.

So instead of twiddling your thumbs as you watch the game, experience the thrill of playing on online casinos.

Types of Online Casinos

cards, dice, and poker chips on a laptop keyboard

There are different types of online casinos you can choose from. These are: web-based, download-based, mobile-based, virtual casino, and live dealer casino games. You would have to consider which one to use often according to your lifestyle.

Web-based Online Casino

You would not have to download this kind of casino to play its games. Although you would need browser plugins like Flash player, Java, and Macromedia Shockwave in order to load and play the games. You would also need browser support for a more hassle-free experience. In some online web-based casinos, you would not need the plug-ins as you can play the games using only an HTML interface.

Keep in mind though that games might take a bit longer to load depending on your bandwidth. This is because the graphics, sound, and animations for the game have heavier bytes compared to a web article. 

Download-based Online Casino

If you want a comparatively faster gameplay, you might want to try a download-based online casino. The graphics, animation, and sound necessary for the games are cached by the casino, making them faster because they don’t need to load through the net.

It might take a bit longer to download and install the software, depending on the size of the files. However, once you finish setting it up, you would automatically be connected to its service provider. This means you would be able to contact them and they can help you without using browser support.

However, you should remember that since you are downloading a file on the web, there might be a risk for malware. Just make sure to check all the files before you install them.

Mobile-based Online Casino

If you want fast gameplay with the assurance that you can play no matter where you are, check out mobile-based online casinos. You can play your games and bet anytime with just your phone.

Virtual Online Casino

If you want a live casino experience online but you don’t want to deal with people, then virtual online casino is the one for you. The games you can play are similar to ones that are available in a live casino, like baccarat, blackjack, and more.

However, you would be playing against a computer that produces data from a random number set. The pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) determines where the dice will land, when the slots will stop, order of the cards, and more.

Live Dealer Online Casino

Getting the real casino experience even while you are in the comfort of your own home is now possible. A real dealer will run the game real-time from a casino gaming table and you can join in. There is live-streaming so you can see as the cards are dealt and the wheels are spun.

Interacting with the dealer is possible with an in-game text chat function. Additionally, you would be able to play much like in a virtual casino. The main difference is that the results of the game are produced by a person and not by an algorithm to determine the output.

Kinds of Online Casino Games

a person showing his cards in front of a laptop screen

There are thousands of games available in online casinos that you can play. These are provided by some of the best game providers in the industry. The general categories of the games you can play are: table games, slot machines, and live dealer casino games.

Table games

These are games of chance that you could play at a table and is usually operated by a dealer. However, since you are playing online, everything is randomly generated by an algorithm in place of the game system.

Some of the table games you could play at casinos are baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker.


One of the most popular games in casinos is the slots. This is a game of chance where you have a virtual lever you can pull or a button to push. It is usually designed with 3 or more reels that you would have to hope falls in the same pattern. An explanation on how the payout would be is usually available before the game starts.

Live Casino

Live casino games are popular in online casinos. This is because you can enjoy wagering at home while having a live dealer and land casino experience. The games you can play in live casinos are table games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

Kinds of Online Casino Bonuses

Most casinos offer various benefits that you can enjoy, whether you are a new player or had been playing for a while. These bonuses are usually helpful as they increase your chances of winning, your payout, and the money you can use to play. Some of the bonuses you might encounter on sites are: welcome bonus, deposit match bonus, and reload bonus.

Welcome Bonus

Most sites have this offer as an incentive for you to sign-up. It usually promises that you get a freebie once you register at the casino. The match rate ranges from 10% to 200% of your deposit. Although keep in mind that the match rate and your maximum earnings depend on what kind of offer the site has. 

Deposit Match Bonus

This is one of the most common promotional offers on casinos. This is because it allows the casino to match your initial deposit, depending on the percentage they gave. For example the deposit match given is 50%. If you deposit $50 to your account, the casino would add $25 to your balance as a deposit match bonus.

Reload Bonus

If you have been playing at the online casino site, you would be able to claim this bonus if it is available. This offer is generally less than the initial welcome or deposit match bonus. They are usually in the form of a percentage match rate you would be able to use if you deposit a certain amount.

Currencies in Online Casinos

Similar to sports betting, there are various payment methods you can use in online casinos. However, you should remember that there are only two kinds of money you can use in playing. These are real money and cryptocurrencies.

Real Money

Real money or otherwise known as fiat money is one of the most convenient ways to use in playing online. This is because it is the money you often use in paying for transactions, goods, and services in your daily life. You would know this best as Rupee. Other currencies that are commonly used around the world are Euro, Dollar, and Pound.


Cryptocurrencies are a digital form of payment that has been circulating the net since early 2000s. They are a decentralized form of payment that allows you to send money directly to another person without going through a middle man. The most common forms of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and All Sports.

Why It's Safe

online lock connected to other application logos to show security

Taking your chances as you play games is a bit daunting because you are risking your money. This is why casino sites take various security measures to ensure your safety, security, and protection. The sites are usually encrypted by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This makes sure that all data you send and in the site are private.

They are usually licensed in the country they were established. If you check that a site has a license, rest assured that it has a governing body. This would regulate, screen their actions, and basically keep them in check.

Online casinos are transparent to their players. They have privacy policies in place in the site’s page that discuss how the information you provided are used. It lets you know exactly what you are getting into, which increases site transparency. Additionally, their terms and conditions section informs you more on what ground rules the casino has implemented that you would have to follow.

All in all, this means that your safety, security, and privacy is ensured at most casinos. Just check their license, transparency, and how they operate to guarantee an enjoyable and hassle-free playing.

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