Learn more about how slots work and the different factors you should consider while playing. Find out what are the most common slot games and where you can play them.

Online Casino Slot

Most of you who have been playing at online casino sites have probably encountered slot games. While you may have played and enjoyed it, it is best if you revisit your knowledge on what they are. This would help in making sure you know what you are doing as you click that lever or push that button.

What are Slots?

Casino Slot Machine

Slots are based from traditional casino games which uses a machine that randomly generates a set of numbers and images. What it generates and how similar they are could tell you what you won. This goes the same for online casino slots that uses a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Random Number Generator

This is built-in the program that runs online slot machines. It produces a random sequence of numbers in millisecond intervals each day.

Additionally, the outcome of slots does not fully rely on RNG software. The results that you may see are a combination of algorithms and RNG software that does not have the memory to remember what is the result of your previous spin.

Do keep in mind that since the numbers produced randomly are different each time, this means that online slots are unpredictable. It makes it harder to rig the games but some softwares could rig it. This is why you should only play slot games from a known and trusted software.

Because slots is mostly about luck, the chances of actually winning is uncertain. This increases the thrill of playing them. However, there are other factors to consider which may or may not increase your chances of winning the prize. These factors are rows, reels, paylines, symbols, and wild symbols.


These are the number of lines you can see on the slot machine game with the same kinds of symbols on it. To better understand this, these are the lines that move once you clicked the button on the slot machine for it to start playing.

The number of rows in a slot can affect the chances of winning. This is because if there is a higher number of rows, there is a lower chance of the machine to stop on the same symbol.


Reels are classic slot games where only numbers on the screen are its design. The number of reels can change from 3 to 5 or more, depending on the software provider. There are little to no bonuses that could be used here but because of the number of reels, the chances to win are higher.

The most common reels that could be found in most online casinos are 3-reels and 5-reels.


While paylines sound like something that would be hard to understand, it only pertains to the line in slot machines that indicates your winnings if the symbols matched up. You could easily compute your payout with the worth of the symbols to the number of payline.


The symbols used in online slot machines change per the theme that they are under in. However, this does not mean that you would need to learn the different symbols per slot you encounter because that would take up too much of your time.

Most slot machines have indicators as to what their symbols mean. This makes it easier for you to play without worrying about what your possible payout would be like.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are similar to bonuses but they are built-in directly in the slot program. You could achieve the bonus that this wild symbol has if you have filled the indicated requirement in-game. These symbols are indicated at the start of the program so you could find them easily.

Types of Online Slots

Playing Online Slot

There are different kinds of online slots that you can enjoy at most online casinos but the common ones you can find on these sites are: 3-reel slot games, video slots, and progressive jackpot.

3 Reel Classic

This 3-reel slot game is the simplest of all slot games. They only have 3-reels, making it the easiest slot you can play if you are only new to this game. You can grasp the basics and instantly win if all the reels lined up to the same symbol as this only has one payline.

Video Slots

Video slots are also known as a multiple reel slot because of the number of reels it has. Generally, it only has 5 reels you are going to try your luck on. It has various graphics, themes, and sounds from different software providers that you can enjoy.

These slots have multiple paylines which could increase your chances of winning. A few software developers for video slots offer up to 100 paylines you can bet on. Additionally, there are bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, and other offers in-game that you could take advantage of to increase your winnings.

Progressive Jackpot

Unlike the instant payout for most online slots if you win, progressive jackpots build up your winnings until the payline has appeared. This means you could increase the amount of what you will win if you haven’t gotten it yet.

However, keep in mind that the slot machine would go back to its original prize money once the payline has been achieved. This is done to give a fresh start and increase the jackpot again if you keep playing without getting lucky enough to get the payline.

Where to play online slots?

Besides online slots, there are various games you can enjoy on online casinos like table games and live dealer games. If you still do not know where to play these games, Sportsbet.io, Bitcasino and Slots.io may be a good start for you.

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