Online Casino Bonuses

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

Find out what is the casino welcome bonus and its advantages. Know the best online casino sites you can use a we...

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What are Casino Free Spins?

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What is a Casino Price Boost?

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What is a Casino Deposit Bonus?

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What is a Casino Referral Bonus?

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What is a Casino VIP Bonus?

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The Online Casino Bonuses You Should Know

Find out what kind of bonuses you can get at online casinos. Learn how to use these bonuses and what are their wagering requirements.

Throwing of Casino Chips and dice

Bonuses are an important part of your gaming experience that you can enjoy. They add to the excitement and thrill of doubling—and if you are lucky, tripling—your winnings. Thankfully there are various bonuses you can benefit from that most casinos offer.

Do keep in mind that you would not be able to use these bonuses until you meet their wagering requirements. These are limitations usually implemented by online casinos. It differs per bonus so you should check the requirements indicated in the bonus offer.

The bonuses you can take advantage of in online casinos are: welcome bonus, deposit match, reload bonus, and referral bonus.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus if you sign up for their site. This is usually done in order to make sure you would be able to enjoy their benefits as soon as you join.

This welcome bonus comes in many forms, depending on what the site offers. However, you would usually get a high discount, free money, or free spins on these bonuses. Although you would only be able to use your welcome bonus as soon as you have fulfilled the wagering requirements.

What is a Deposit Match Bonus?

A deposit match up bonus is available if you are a new player at the casino. It is simple to understand as you would only need to know two things: the percentage that the casino will match your bonus and the maximum amount they will match it up to.

These are important because if there was no limit on the money they were going to match up, then there is a possibility of a high first deposit. They would have to add the exact amount of money to your balance no matter how high your first deposit is.

This bonus looks like this generally on most online casinos: 100% up to ₹500 welcome bonus. While the percentage and the money limit might change, how it works is the same for all casinos.

What is a Reload Bonus?

The other bonuses are catered mostly for new players but this reload bonus is for regular players like you. The discount is offered so you would bet on your favorite slots, table games, live dealer, and the like with this free money.

It is less than the welcome bonus but this does not mean you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it. As there is a percentage system and a set amount of money you should deposit, you would only be able to use it once you complete the requirement. The percentage for the offer depends on the site but is usually between 10% - 50%.

To better understand this, let’s say that there is a 50% reload bonus for ₹800 deposit. You would receive ₹400 when you deposit the amount they indicated using the payment method of your choice. 

What is a Referral Bonus?

You would be able to get this bonus once you have already signed up for an online casino. The mechanics are pretty simple as all you would have to do is invite another person to join and wager on the games. You would be able to have a steady income that the casino deposits to your account if the person you invited keeps on wagering.

The amount you will receive will depend solely on how much they will earn with the person you invited. It also depends on the percentage of the referral bonus they offered.

Five of the Best Casinos for New Bettors

Chips and dice used in Casino

If you are having a hard time wondering what is the best bonus for you to take advantage of then do not worry. We have listed five of the best casinos you can play in if you are signing up for the first them. Check them out below:



Bonus Link

100% up to mɃ 1,000 Welcome Bonus

Get Your Bonus

100% Welcome Bonus

Get Your Bonus


€300 Welcome Bonus

Get Your Bonus


Up to €1700 First 3 Deposit Bonus

Get Your Bonus


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