GM vs Spartan Cricket Bat Review

A sponsored, inexpensive cricket bat against a ‘pickup-and-play’ kind of bat.

A. GM Sting

GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle


Valued at ₹ 2,200, these bats GM’s attempt at creating low-cost, inexpensive cricket bats for people who want to play cricket here and now. It’s perfect for people in their 20s onward who want to experience playing a casual cricket game. It’s also suitable for non- and semi-professional games.

In an attempt to cater to more people, GM frequently sells the bat at discounted prices. The bat has sold for as low as ₹ 1,300. It’s best to keep track of price drops for this bat because that would be a complete steal.


Don’t expect the bat to last a lifetime if it has been through extensive use. The bat is made from medium-quality materials: Grade 1 Kashmir willow for the blade and wood (not specified what type of wood) for the handle. Hence, mass production is the main purpose of the bat.

The bat does have a handle that ensures the player won’t loose grip easily. It also is fitted with a treble-spring which helps prevent vibrations from travelling to the players’ hands. One thing that the bat has going for it is that it is pre-knocked. This means that upon purchase, the bat is ready for use.


The bat’s entire length is 848 mm; the blade measures 558 mm while the handle measures 290 mm. The bat is equipped with a short handle for easier handling. Paired with a blade that has a spine running from the shoulder to its mid-toe, this bat is a power-hitters dream.

The bat weighs 1.3kg which is a bit heavy. This actually helps the power-hitters since the weight of the bat, when paired with a powerful swing, is more likely to score a boundary.


The bat’s spine helps distribute the overall weight of the bat which is mostly on the mid-toe of the blade. Thanks to the short handle, a close-to-body stance isn’t that difficult to manoeuvre. 


This specific bat can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon and physical stores. However, since the bat is sold at a relatively low price (and is often discounted), this bat is hard to come by.


The bat mainly appeals to new players who want to learn about the sport (or at least experience playing a single game). Given this, it is very unlikely that the bat will be used in professional games. There are, however, players that use this brand of cricket bat; some of them are Quinton de Kock of South Africa, Ben Stokes of England, and Travis Head of Australia.

B. Spartan MSD-Warrior

Spartan MSD-Warrior English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle


This Spartan cricket bat costs ₹ 11,000. It’s a lower-quality replica of the bat that MS Dhoni uses in matches. This means that (excluding quality of materials) the bat is made to Dhoni’s specifications.


Again, since the bat is made from lower-quality materials, don’t expect the bat to live up to Dhoni-level of performance (mainly because the user isn’t Dhoni). The bat is made from Grade 3 English willow, which is among the lowest quality of wood that can be used in making a cricket bat. The bat’s handle also has a rubber grip which helps the user get a firm, comfortable grip.

The stickers on the bat are in-laid. This means that the stickers are very thin and that running your hand across the surface of the bat will not end in a sticker peeling off.


The handle of the MSD-Warrior cricket bat measures 284 mm, a fairly short handle. This helps the player keep control of the bat even in demanding situations. The blade measures a massive 681 mm. It is one of the largest blades for a cricket bat. Remembering that this bat was made to Dhoni’s specifications, it emphasizes powerful hits.

The bat’s spine starts from the shoulder and ends close to the toe. This creates a duck-like ‘bill’ appearance near and on the toe. The swell of the bat is also closer to the toe than most bats. This shows that the ‘sweet spot’ is near the concave part of the bat.


With the bat’s short handle, it can easily be handled even when the bat is close to the body. Despite the bat weighing 1.1kg (which is very light for a cricket bat), the bat can be handled easily since most of the weight is focused mostly in the mid-shoulder.


With the bat being made in tandem with Dhoni, it’s no surprise that stocks of the bat don’t last. Be it in stores or in online stores, the bat doesn’t last long in stocks.


Cricket. MS Dhoni. Cricket bat. It’s a no-brainer. The bat isn’t popular - it’s very, very popular.

C. Final Comparison

If price is the main concern, then the GM Sting is the best option (especially since the bat also gets discounted frequently). It is also beneficial in this case since you can immediately use it. However, if you are feeling a wee bit extravagant (and if Dhoni is your ‘idol’), then the Spartan cricket bat is the best choice.