Klapp vs SS Cricket Complete Set

A practise cricket set designed for multiple players and an authentic cricket set solely provided for one player. 

A. Klapp Practice Cricket Kit with 4 Wooden Wicket Set


The Klapp Practice Cricket Kit has a price that differs because it has two types of cricket bats. One is made of Kashmir willow, which the set costs ₹ 3,499.00. The second set has a bat made of Popular willow and it costs ₹ 2,399.00. 


This product has a bag to pack the entire cricket gear. The accommodation of the bag is enough to store all of the items. However, you may not be able to store any unnecessary accessory because it can add weight while carrying the bag. Below are the items of this cricket kit:

  • 1 Cricket Bat
  • 1 Wicket Set (4 wooden stumps with bails)
  • 1 Pair of Batting Gloves
  • 1 Tennis Ball
  • 1 Cricket Bag

The cricket bat is built with good quality Kashmir of Popular willow. It can be used by junior and senior cricketers alike. It reinforces maximum transfer to hit the ball with power and control. The two bats are designed with an embossed sticker that gives a little style to the bat.

For an enhanced grip of the bat, a cricket glove is provided in the set. It provides comfort and protection that lasts for an extended period of time. It is made of PVC material and stuffed with cotton that gives you a soft feeling. The finger rolls have a good amount of padding inside.

The integral items of this cricket set are the tennis ball and the wickets. Without them, the match will not be played as a whole. Since this set is only suitable for practise matches, the tennis ball is provided. This will also prevent the players from injuries during training sessions. 

The wickets are made of unspecified type of wood. It is easily assembled with the wooden base included in the wicket set. However, the ends of the stumps are quite long and it doesn’t have much support when being plunged in the holes of the base. 


The Klapp cricket complete set is available in various online shopping sites. You can choose from the different sizes it offers. Before placing an order, make sure that this product has stocks on the store where you will buy it. 

Intended Users

As mentioned, this cricket complete set is suitable for practise matches or in amateur cricket matches. This will help you improve your form for the upcoming match. It can be used by junior and senior cricketers.

B. SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Full Kit


This cricket set costs ₹ 5,215.00 which is a bit costly. It has cricket protective gears needed by the player such as the guards, gloves and cricket helmet. 


The SS Cricket Set has a durable and lightweight cricket bag that stores all the items. It is made of nylon material and high-density materials that make the bag perfectly capable of carrying a lot of items needed for the match. It has a huge compartment with one large extra pocket. The bag also comes with an external bat pocket to store your cricket bat.

The cricket bat provided in the set is made of Grade 1 English willow, designed by SS’ finest bat craftsmen. The handle is quite long but it ensures you an enhanced grip that will help you produce a high-level batting. It is made of 12-piece cane and wrapped with a rubber material to add more grip.

When batting, the cricket gloves add protection to your hands from having direct contact from the ball. The gloves are made of premium quality leather and have a mesh lining on the palm. It offers combined comfort and protection because it provides padding for your hands and protectors for your fingers.

The vital parts of your body are shielded by the protective gears in the set. All of them are made of durable materials that fully protects the specific area of its use. 


SG cricket complete sets are popular, especially for Indian cricketers. It is one of the widely used brands in the market, not just in India, but also around the globe. This product is available in various online stores. It depends if they still have stocks for this product. 

Intended Users

This cricket set is designed for youth cricket players, especially Under-19 players. The items in this set are only provided to a single player.

C. Overall Comparison

The two cricket sets have major differences aside from the items that they have. Klapp cricket complete set is provided for practise matches. Given the items that this set has, it can be maximized for numerous players. The SS cricket set offers protection since it has the protective gears. The entire set is also provided for a single player which is the batsman.