SG vs SS Cricket Complete Set

Two cricket complete sets that almost come at the same price. However, the two products have a different target audience.

A. SG 7PCS CRKT Cricket Complete Set


This cricket complete set costs ₹ 5,999.00. It is a good value for your budget because you have everything, from cricket bat to cricket softs. All of the items in this set is designed to give convenience to the athlete.


The SG cricket complete set have these items that ensure extended usability to the player. Noticeably, the set’s items can only be used by a batsman, given the items that he needs like the cricket bat and the batting gloves. 

The cricket bat is hand-crafted by SG’s fine bat craftsmen. It is made of Grade 1 English willow. The bat’s handle enhances a maximum swing that will hit the ball with a loud ‘knock’ and score a boundary. The batting gloves add more grip to the handle when batting. It is made of quality materials such as PVC material. Inside, it is foamed with cotton to provide comfort and protection to your hands and fingers. It offers sweat absorption which is useful when playing in hot weather.

Your head and face are surely protected by SG’s cricket helmet. It is made of high impact-resistant materials that will protect your head from the cricket ball flying at a high speed. The steel grill is also adjustable which keeps your face safe from being struck by the ball. For breathability, there are air vents located at the helmet’s shell. 

The protective gears of this set include thigh guards, leg guards and abdominal guard. This ensures full protection of the lower parts of your body from getting struck by the ball. All of the items are made of high-quality materials that guarantee 100% comfort and protection to the user.

Lastly, the cricket kit bag accommodates all of the items mentioned. It is a hand-carry type, made of durable materials for maximum carriage. 


The SG cricket complete set is sold at different online stores and shopping sites. You can also check it out in SG’s online store. Prices may vary, you might purchase this product at a discounted price in some sites.

Intended Users

This cricket set suits junior and senior cricketers. It can be used in club and professional cricket matches. This product also enhances the player to produce excellent performance. It is not suitable for casual games since it does not require protective gears. 

B. SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Full Kit


This cricket complete set from SS costs  ₹ 5,215.00 which is less than the price of the previous product. Similarly, it also has cricket protective gears that are used by the batsman. They all come in great quality which will provide convenience to the player.


The set comes with a cricket bag that stores the cricket bat, protective gears (thigh guard, arm guard, leg guard, abdominal guard) and batting gloves. The bat is made of Grade 1 English willow while the handle is made of 12-piece cane. This bat ensures that you can hit the cricket ball bowled at a high speed.

The cricket gloves are made of high-quality leather for extended durability. The inner part of the gloves is lined with mesh that cools your hands. With the help of the finger protectors inside the rolls, you will end the game without any injuries or broken fingers. However, these gloves may cause a little pain during extended period of time.

To prevent any injuries to your lower parts of the body, cricket protective gears are provided. They are built with materials that prevent you from feeling the ball’s impact, hence it lessens the chance of getting hurt. However, this kit doesn’t have a cricket helmet provided. It is your call if you will get one, depending on the type of match that you will play. 


The SS cricket complete set is sold in various online stores. It is one of the most popular products by the brand so always check if the store has stocks for this one. 

Intended Users

The product’s target audience is the youth. It can be used in Under-19 matches. Since it is designed for youth cricketers, it can also be used in school matches or any amateur cricket leagues in your area. 

C. Overall Comparison

Target audience is the thing that differs between the two cricket complete sets. The SG set is designed for youngsters and adults while SS is for youth players only. Despite the difference between the products’ focused age group, they are both packed with items that will reinforce the user to perform well in the match.