Sunley vs SS Cricket Complete Set

Two different complete sets with different purposes in the sport. 

A. Sunley Cricket Complete Set


The Sunley Cricket Complete Set has a very affordable price. It is sold at ₹ 1,499.00. All of the items provided in this cricket set are entirely made of good quality plastic material. It is mostly used in casual games played outdoors with friends or family.


The cricket set is comprised of the following items:

  • 1 Piece Plastic Cricket Bat
  • 4 Piece Plastic Wickets Length
  • 2 Piece Plastic Base
  • 2 Piece Plastic Bails
  • 1 Piece Wind Ball
  • 1 Piece Cricket Kit Combo Bag

As mentioned earlier, every piece of equipment in this cricket set is made of plastic. Meaning, it is very lightweight to carry and only allows to be used for non-professional games. 

The cricket bat is very lightweight and only suitable for the wind ball provided in the set. Since it is used for casual games only, it is impossible to play with an authentic cricket ball because it can easily destroy the bat. The bat comes in good shape and design. However, the colour of the facing doesn’t seem to be pleasing to the eyes because it is painted black. The handle and the sticker’s colours are not matching with the bat’s face. 

The wind ball is made of soft plastic material that gives more bounce. It is also resistant to wear and tear when bowled on concrete surfaces. It weighs 84g and has a diameter that measures 6.1 cm. 

The wicket set included in the set gives real cricket match vibes. The stumps are assembled using the plastic base. This helps you save time by assembling the stumps easily. It also keeps the stumps clean because you don’t have to impale it in the ground. 


This cricket set is popular for youth age group and families. It is mostly used in outdoor games like in a neighbouring empty lot or at the beach. It is available in various online stores but it depends if they have stocks for this product. 

Intended Users

Again, this cricket set is ideal for youngsters and even adults if they want to use this product for fun. For aspiring cricketers, they can start practising by using this set.

B. SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Full Kit


The SS cricket set costs ₹ 5,215.00. The price is not that costly but it is packed with what you need for a club or professional cricket match. You got everything you need, from cricket bat to protective gears. It comes in good quality and design that suits the youth.


The cricket set includes the following items:

  • 1 Cricket Bat
  • 1 Batting Gloves
  • 1 Thigh Guard
  • 1 Arm Guard
  • 1 Abdominal Guard
  • 1 Kit Bag

The cricket bat is lightweight and gives you a comfortable grip. The bat is made of Grade 1 Kashmir willow. There is a sticker embossed near the handle. To have a more enhanced grip, you can use the cricket gloves provided in the set. The bat’s handle is made of a generic type of leather so you should bat with the gloves because it is a hassle gripping it with sweaty hands.

Maximum comfort and protection are provided by the gloves. It is made of high-quality leather and has a lot of padding inside to shield you from the ball’s direct contact. Aside from your hands, other parts of your body are prone to be hit by the ball which is why protective gears are provided. You are fully protected with the gears, just wear it properly before the match.


This cricket set is sold at various online stores. You can also purchase this product in SS’ online store. A lot of young players buy this item so reserve this product in no time to have it.

Intended Users

The SS cricket set is mostly used by young players, especially the ones who play in Under-19 cricket leagues. The items in the set obviously imply that it is used for real cricket leagues and not for casual games. 

C. Overall Comparison

The two cricket sets vary on what kind of match they are mostly used. The Sunley cricket set is used for casual and recreational games played by young children or families. The SS cricket set is for young cricketers who play in junior cricket leagues.