Sunley vs Wasan Cricket Complete Sets

A plastic cricket set versus a wooden cricket set. Both can be used for casual games. 

A. Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit


This cricket complete set is sold at ₹ 1,499.00. Since all of the items are made of plastic, the price is fairly cheap and can only be used in casual games with friends or family.


The Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit is consist of the following items:

  • 1 Piece Plastic Cricket Bat
  • 4 Piece Plastic Wickets Length
  • 2 Piece Plastic Base
  • 2 Piece Plastic Bails
  • 1 Piece Wind Ball
  • 1 Piece Cricket Kit Combo Bag

Once the items are packed inside the combo bag, it is perfectly lightweight and hassle-free when carrying since all of the items are made of plastic. The cricket bat measures 34 inches long which is ideal to use for the ball provided in the kit. The handle measures 11 inches long where you can have a perfectly enhanced grip. 

The wicket set has two bails and four stumps. It comes with a plastic base where you can assemble the stumps. The extra stump also has its own base. You can use the extra stump in case one of them is misplaced or damaged.


The Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit is sold in different online stores. It comes in different sizes for age groups. You can also visit Sunley’s online store to buy the cricket set.

Intended Users 

This cricket set is suitable for casual or recreational games played in the backyard or school. It is also safe to use and it doesn’t require cricket protective gear since all the items are made from plastic.

B. Wasan Cricket Set


The Wasan cricket set costs ₹ 829.00. It can only be used by the youth in casual games or practice games. The set is also a good choice for aspiring cricketers.


This cricket set boasts itself as the ‘bestseller Wasan cricket set’. It also gives an almost authentic cricket experience. Below are the following contents that this cricket set has:

1 cricket bat
1 felt cricket ball
1 wooden base
4 wooden stumps
1 bag

The cricket bat is made of a good quality willow while the handle is made of cane. It has the proper measurements that a bat should have. It is painted blue (except for the handle) and has a sticker showing the brand’s insignia. The ball is a red tennis ball made of felt. Given the age group, it is very ideal to use since there is less risk of having a severe injury with the type of ball in the cricket set.

The wicket set is made of good quality timber. Like the cricket bat, the stumps and bails are also painted blue. They are free from any damage caused by the ball’s impact since the ball used is only a tennis ball. A wooden base is provided for easy assembling of the stumps. However, the base has a shorter width which may cause for the stumps to fall down easily.


The Wasan Cricket Set is available in various online stores. It is also available in different styles and colours that you prefer.

Intended Users

This cricket set is only available for ages 10-16. They can use it for casual games but it gives them a slightly authentic cricket experience since the materials are made of wood. 

C. Overall Comparison

The thing that should be decided between the two cricket sets is what kind of match you’re going to play. It also depends on the age group where the player belongs. Both cricket sets come in great quality, despite differences with the materials used to make them. The common ground between the two sets is that they both guarantee a fun experience of playing cricket.