SS vs Klapp Cricket Gloves

An expensive cricket glove and an affordable cricket glove. Both of them are made with top quality materials.

A. SS Men's Dragon Wicket-Keeping Cricket Gloves

SS Men's Dragon Wicket-Keeping Cricket Gloves


The SS wicketkeeping gloves come at a very costly price of ₹ 19,100.00. The price is very high because of the materials used. It offers the best in comfort and quality which is totally valuable for your money.

Materials Used

The gloves are made of premium leather which makes it durable for numerous use. Inside the gloves, there is a padding that gives a soft feeling to the wearer. It also helps in preventing injuries caused by the ball’s impact. The palm has a fibre padding inside which offers extended comfort and protection when catching the ball travelling at high speeds. 

There is also thin padding on the cuffs of the gloves. For sweat absorption, a towel lining is inside the cuffs. The entirety of the glove provides comfort, protection and easy catching and gripping of the ball. 


The glove is lightweight despite the materials used. It only weighs 295 g. The weight doesn’t affect its durability so it can be used in over a hundred matches. It doesn’t easily get damaged such as showing signs of wear and tear. However, this can be possible if you take care of the gloves properly. 


The gloves are designed for semi to professional cricket leagues. Adult cricketers can only use these gloves. Players who belong to the youth age group will find it difficult using these gloves due to their size. It may slip from their hands during use which is very risky.


The gloves come in a minimalist design and only uses a simple colour combination - orange, black and white. The back and cuff of the gloves feature the logo of SS. It is pleasing and visible to the eyes of spectators. However, this glove may be difficult to see during matches played at night.

B. Klapp Test Leather Wicket-Keeping Gloves


This cricket glove comes in a very affordable price which is definitely valuable for your money. It only costs ₹ 1,099.00. This glove is designed for professional cricket matches, especially for Test matches.


The gloves offer extensive use and comfort. It is made of premium Optimus leather that makes it suitable to use for numerous matches. Since this cricket gloves are designed for longer formats, you need extended comfort and protection. The cuffs of these gloves are padded with good quality foam and lined with towels to absorb sweat.

Inside the finger rolls, your fingers are fully protected by the inner-plastic casing. This prevents you from having injured or broken fingers from a fast-ball. The gloves’ web helps you catch and secure the ball. However, the web of this glove is a bit small so having a good catch of the ball is your duty, not the gloves’.


The gloves weigh 500g. It is slightly heavy because of the materials. The weight doesn’t hinder the movement of your hands during the match.


As mentioned, the glove is designed for Test cricket. Its structure is perfectly suitable for Test cricket uniform which makes it easily visible. Another advantage is that the gloves match the colour of the outfit. 

C. Overall Comparison

The difference between the two products’ price is already given. Both of them are made of premium quality materials that gives comfort and protection to the wearer. It is up to you which of these two you will choose.