Klapp vs DSC Cricket Bag

The two products almost have the same price and features but they differ in accommodation.

A. Klapp CRICPRO Cricket Kit Bag


The Klapp cricket bag is sold at a very affordable price. It costs ₹ 1,499.00 which is a reasonable price because of its features and the materials that it is made of. 


This product is entirely machine-stitched so that it will be capable of maximum carriage. The outer part of the bag is made of durable synthetic cloth. You can ensure that this bag will last for a long time because of the type of materials that it is made of. Items stored in this bag is fully protected by heavy-duty zips. Also, the bag is water-resistant so your valuables will not get wet in case of sudden rain.


The cricket bag has a huge compartment that can store your equipment, protective gear and clothing. The base of the bag’s main compartment is supported by padding so that it will not sag while carrying it. You can keep your cricket bat in the bat pocket on the right side of the bag. If you want to store some accessories that you need, two extra pockets are provided. A water bottle is suitable for the pocket on the left side of the bag.

The bag is a backpack model that comes in a camouflage design, however, the colour combination may not be pleasing to the eyes. Klapp’s brand logo is printed on the extra pocket below the opening of the main compartment. 

Comfort / Handling

The bag is a backpack model. Its shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. It is advisable not to carry any unnecessary items that you don’t need for the game so that it will not cause any disadvantage while carrying the bag. 

B. DSC Condor Glider Polyester Cricket Kit Bag


The DSC cricket bag is sold at ₹ 1,429.00. This product is made for young cricketers and club cricket players. Cricket equipment is the only item that can be stored in this bag since it has limited space inside.


This cricket bag is made from 100% polyester and highly durable Duro material. Nylon tapes are also included in the materials. This enhances extra reinforcement for the bag. As long as you give proper care and store the right amount of items inside, the durability of this bag will be maintained.


The bag is designed to store your cricket equipment, nothing more. The heavy-duty zips that are specially designed for this bag fully secure all of the items kept inside. Your cricket equipment absolutely fits in the bag’s main compartment. You just have to place it inside in a proper and organized way. 

You don’t have to store your cricket bat along with the other pieces of equipment. A bat pocket is already provided for that. There are also extra pockets to keep other items. For the carriage of your cricket kit, it is recommended that you only bring the pieces of equipment needed for the sport. Again, the bag has limited space for other accessories. 

Comfort / Handling

You can carry the bag by hand or using the shoulder straps. The straps are padded to give comfort while carrying it. It is also adjustable for the comfort of your back and shoulders. To carry it by hand, you can use the front-padded handle. It gives you two ways of carrying it so that if you’re tired of carrying the bag by the handle, you can use the straps.

C. Overall Comparison

The two cricket kit bags almost have the same price and features but they vary in terms of accommodation. Klapp has slightly accommodating space than DSC. You can store accessories in Klapp’s main compartment but those items should be slightly related to the sport. For example, towels and extra clothing. 

The preference comes down to you. Both products are made with durable materials and can guarantee you extended usability.