CW vs Klapp Cricket Wicket

A wooden cricket wicket versus a plastic cricket wicket

A. CW Professional Cricket Match Wicket Set


This wicket set is sold at a very affordable price of ₹ 1,799.00. Though the set has ‘professional’ in its name, it is not ideal to use in professional cricket matches due to the materials used.


The wicket is comprised of the following materials: stumps, bails and an iron base. The stumps are made of good quality Ash wood while the bails are made from an unspecified type of wood. With this type of wicket, it can give you an authentic cricket experience but bowlers and wicketkeepers should be careful when bowling the ball. Throwing the ball with too much force can damage or break the stumps. 

The base of the cricket wicket is made of heavy-duty iron. It also has springs that attach the stumps. You also don’t have to bowl that hard because once you struck the stumps, it will easily dislodge from the spring. Despite the good features that this base has, it may be hard for you to bring it because of its weight. 


The items in this wicket set have the exact measurement. The stumps measure 71.7cm long and each has a diameter of 3.73cm. Also, the bails’ longer spigot is 3.49cm long while the shorter spigot is 2.06cm long.

Best Suited For

The CW wicket is very suitable for club, junior and practice matches. It is also ideal to use for casual or recreational games. However, slow ball is the only type of delivery applicable when bowling because if you add much force, it can break the stumps easily. If you’re playing a casual game, you can use a tennis ball for the match to prevent damaging the wicket.

B. Klapp Cricket Plastic Stump Set


The Klapp Cricket Plastic Stump Set costs ₹ 1,299.00. It is the best choice if you are under budget. The product is made for casual and recreational games, given the material that the wicket is made of.


The wicket set is made of high-quality PVC material which makes it sturdy during use. It is also an advantage that the entire set is made of plastic because you can transport it easily in your bag. The base holds the stumps firmly. They perfectly fit the holes in the base which ensures that they don’t fall easily. 


Though the set is entirely made from plastic, every material has the average measurement. The stumps’ length is 71.1cm which is the exact size given for every stump. The bails have a combined length of 10.85cm long. 

Best Suited For

As mentioned, the Klapp Cricket Plastic Stump Set is made for casual and recreational matches. It is suitable for any age groups, especially for children and youth. You can use it in games played in school or in the fields nearby. However, the type of ball used for this cricket wicket is a tennis ball. Otherwise, if you will use an authentic cricket ball, it may destroy the stumps in a single delivery. 

Fast-paced delivery and spin bowls are not ideal for this cricket wicket. As much as possible, don’t bowl too hard so that the wicket will last long. 

C. Overall Comparison

The two cricket wickets have an affordable price but vary with the type of material that they’re made of. They also have a functional base to assemble the set easily. The CW wicket offers good advantages as much as Klapp wicket. However, the CW wicket can cause a little hassle because of the weight of the iron base. 

The Klapp cricket wicket is very lightweight and comes in excellent quality. However, you can only use it in casual games. The preference is up to you, choose which of the two is best.