Two of the highest quality wicket-keeping cricket gloves available on the market.

A. SS Men's Dragon Wicket-Keeping Cricket Gloves

SS Men's Dragon Wicket-Keeping Cricket Gloves


The SS wicket-keeping cricket gloves cost a whopping ₹ 19,100.00. Considering that this is one of the highest quality cricket gloves that the SS brand offers, it will definitely cost a lot. The price is also high because of the materials used in creating it.

Materials Used

The gloves are made of high quality leather, giving it a soft feel. There is thin padding on the inside which lets the wearer close his hands a lot easier compared to other gloves. Additionally, there are also rubber paddings on the insides of the glove which help in reducing both gripping the ball and preventing injury to your fingers.

The palm-side of the glove has loose fiber padding on the inside, giving the wearer some comfort when catching fast balls. The outside is sewn with ‘Octopus Suction Grip,’ giving a bit more grip when holding the ball.

The overall comfort of the glove is actually better than other gloves despite it having very thin padding. The emphasis of the glove is for catching and gripping the ball.


The glove is surprisingly light, only weighing 295 grams. The materials used are of high quality, hence the light size. But just because the gloves are light means that they are easily destroyed. In fact, the gloves are so durable that they can be used in 100 matches before any signs of wear-and-tear show. This is merely a rough approximate; it can either go higher or lower depending on how well you take care of the gloves.


The gloves are made for semi to professional league cricket players, meaning for adult male hands. Using it for younger ages may be difficult because the gloves may slip from their hands.


The gloves’ design is straightforward - orange and black with streaks of white. This is very useful when playing in daytime matches since the orange makes the gloves stand out. At night, however, it is difficult to see. Hence, knowing who to throw the ball to can be hard. 

Players That Use the Brand

Some popular players that use this brand are:

Matt Prior of England
Mahendra Singh Dhoni of India
Nurul Hasan of Bangladesh

B. SG Hilite Wicket Keeping Gloves

SG Hilite Wicket Keeping Gloves


The SG wicket-keeping cricket gloves cost around ₹ 6,500.00, a relatively cheap price for quality gloves. It is among the most affordable, top quality gloves offered SG.


The SG gloves are made of high quality leather, stitched together with lightweight nylon. The glove has semi-hollow rubber at the fingertips to help prevent injury and help in gripping the ball. However, since it is hollow, there is no guarantee that all injuries can be avoided.

The palm of the glove is made of soft rubber, adding to the grip factor, However, when catching fast balls, the palm of your hand may feel the brunt of the throw since the rubber only absorbs little impact from the ball.


The gloves weigh just 297 grams. Albeit a bit heavier than most gloves, it is still maneuverable and does extremely well when gripping the ball. Compared to most gloves, you can actually feel the weight of the gloves on your arm which can lead to stiffness in prolonged uses.


The gloves are designed to be used by semi-professional players and even professional players. Given this, the gloves may be too large for younger users.


One of the plus sides of this glove is that it can be seen easily regardless of the time of day. The glove’s major color is white with streaks of black and red. The palm is colored grey, making the cricket ball standout when held.

Popular Players That Use the Brand

Some popular players that use equipment from the brand are Liton Das, Rishabh Pant, and  Sadeera Samarawickrama.

C. Final Comparison

The two bats are of the highest quality from both brands, both are made of high quality materials, both are comfortable to use. The only main concern here is the price: one is way more affordable than the other. If that is the case, then the SG gloves are the clear winner. But if you can afford the SS gloves, go for them. It is clearly the better choice between the two and assures you quality.

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