Both can be used for bowling practice, but the other can be used with a leather ball.

A. Sixer Plastic Cricket Stump Set

Sixer Plastic Cricket Stump Set


The Sixer plastic cricket stump set costs ₹ 799.00. Given that the entire wicket is made out of plastic, you would think that it costs far less. The price would be fine if the base was made of wood or some other harder material.


As stated above, the entire wicket is made from plastic. This will be problematic when using the wicket with a leather ball and in fast-paced bowling - the wicket might get out after just one delivery.

Also, since the bails are made of plastic, they may be easier to knock off compared to the real ones that are made of wood.


The stumps each measure 70.5cm long with a diameter of 3.60cm which are both average measurements. The bails measure 10.90cm long, with the barrel measuring 5.38cm, the longer spigot measuring 3.47cm, and the shorter spigot measuring 2.05cm. The shorter measurements for the bails could be the result of plastic being unable to retain its shape. 

Best Suited For

Since the wicket is made of plastic, it is highly advisable that it should only be used for slow-paced bowling practice or bowling practice in general and for casual games played in the streets or in  fields.

B. CW Professional Cricket Match Wicket Set with Stumps Bails Stand Base

CW Professional Cricket Match Wicket Set with Stumps Bails Stand Base


The CW professional cricket match wicket set costs ₹ 1,799.00 which is actually a cheap price when looking at the overall value of it. Yes, it isn’t used in professional games despite it having ‘professional’ in its name, but for its very low price, it’s a ‘professional’ choice to own one.


The wicket is made of quality and durable materials: wooden stumps, wooden bails, and a  heavy duty iron spring stand. The stumps are made of Ash wood, the same material used to make the official stumps used in professional games. The bails are made from any local wood, so long as they conform to the rules of cricket. This means that you can use a leather ball to hit the stumps - just don’t bowl too hard or you might break it.

The base is made from iron and has springs attached to the stumps. This adds a factor most cheap wickets don’t have: sensitivity. If the ball strikes the stumps hard enough, they will fall backwards, causing the bails to fall. Similarly, they also act as the anchor for the stumps so that they always stand perpendicular to the base.

With these materials, you are assured that you get value for your money. However, transporting the wicket may be a bit difficult because of its weight.


The stumps also follow the proper measurements: 71.7cm long with a diameter of 3.75cm. The bails also have the correct measurements: 10.95cm long with the barrel, short spigot, and long spigot being 5.40cm, 3.49cm, and 2.06cm long respectively.

Best Suited For

The wicket, being heavy duty and durable, is suitable for use in club, casual, and practice matches. It can also be used in non-professional games such as school tournaments, neighbourhood matches, and (un)friendly games.

C. Overall Comparison

The CW cricket wicket wins this review by a landslide. Yes, it may be more expensive and heavier, but you definitely get something of quality and something worth the price. Sure, you can buy three Sixer wickets but they won't last as long as the CW wicket. The CW brand wins in all categories for the simple reason that it is worth the money.

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