Ajit Agarkar Slams Criticisms at Rishabh Pant

Ajit Agarkar Slams Criticisms at Rishabh Pant

Ajit Agarkar Slams Criticisms at Rishabh Pant

The wicketkeeper was criticised once again after his cheap dismissal

Indian fast bowler Ajit Agarkar backs Rishabh Pant after the first-choice wicketkeeper was dismissed in Mohali. He received criticisms once again due to his poor batting in the home T20I series against South Africa. Agarkar said that the criticisms received by Pant are too harsh. 

‘I cannot believe that there is so much talk around a guy who has two Test hundreds away from India and who can play impactful innings. T20 can sometimes get you into trouble because you have to play shots and the ball was there to be hit, only the execution was not probably to what he would have liked’, Agarkar said in an interview.

Agarkar suggested that the selectors need to decide if Pant should bat at no. 4 or 5 in the line-up. ‘You also need to decide what you need for him. Do you want him to be a number 4 batsman who bats through the innings or you want him to be that impactful player and you are ready for those sorts of dismissals?’,

‘But there is too much talk of it. Maybe Shreyas Iyer who has shown some good form can come at No. 4 and Pant could be dropped down the order and be asked to play freely’, he added.

Rishabh Pant was selected as the first-choice wicketkeeper during the West Indies tour due to MS Dhoni’s absence. He also received criticisms for failing to score runs in the first two T20I matches of the tour. However, he managed to rise at the third T20I match and helped the team to win.

The T20I series between India and South Africa was drawn 1-1. They are scheduled to play the first Test match of the series on October 2. Odds of the upcoming match will be available soon. Check out the latest cricket odds on Betwala. 

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