Akhtar Says Virat Kohli Is A Bowler’s Captain

Akhtar Says Virat Kohli Is A Bowler’s Captain

Akhtar Says Virat Kohli Is A Bowler’s Captain

Former Pakistan batsman said Virat Kohli is a good captain for bowlers

India cricket team improved since Virat Kohli assumed his position as captain. A lot of cricketers heaped praises on Virat because of his effective management of India team. Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is one of Virat’s supporters. He said that the skipper is a good ‘bowler’s captain’. 

Virat Kohli is a bowler’s captain. Kohli is not doing captaincy when he is with the bowlers, he is enjoying the bowlers rattling the opposition. It is a good thing that Indian bowlers have such a good captain’. 

Akhtar also commented on pacer Mohammed Shami’s performance during the first Test series. He said that Shami asked him for help after India’s sudden exit during the 2019 World Cup. Akhtar is happy for India’s solid bowling department. However, the legendary pacer is not happy with Pakistan’s bowlers. 

‘Now, you see what he has done, he has got wickets from a flat pitch in Visakhapatnam. I am very happy for him. Sadly, our Pakistani fast bowlers do not ask me how they can improve their bowling but the Indian bowlers like Shami are doing that. It is a sad scenario as far as my country is a concern’.

India cricket team is scheduled to play the second Test on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Currently, India team ranks no.1 in the ICC World Championship.

ICC is the main governing body of cricket. To know more about cricket leagues, read the article on Betwala. 

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