Allan Donald Becomes New Knights Head Coach

Allan Donald Becomes New Knights Head Coach

Allan Donald Becomes New Knights Head Coach

Former Proteas fast bowler Allan Donald replaces Alan Kruger after he was appointed as the new head coach of the VKB Knights franchise.

Former South African player Allan Donald was appointed as the Knights’ new head coach. He is set to replace former Knights coach Alan Kruger on May 1 after the expiry of Kruger’s contract with the Knights. 

Donald had a handful of experiences as a coach after he retired in 2003. In fact, he had some experiences with Sri Lanka, New Zealand, his home team South Africa, Warwickshire, Kent, the Mountaineers, Pune Warriors India, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. This new experience for Donald serves as the second time that he’ll be a head coach after he had spearheaded now-defunct IPL team Warriors India. 

Known as the ‘white lightning’ during his playing days, Donald really proved to be an impressive bowler with his record of 300 taken down for the 72 Test matches in which he played. Aside from that, he retired with an impressive record of 20 five-wicket hauls.

VKB Knights convener of selectors Wayne Schonegevel stated in an interview that the Knights need someone with extensive international experience and someone who has coached for a long time to take the team on a higher level. Also, he stated that Allan is one of South Africa’s greatest cricketers that players look up to. 

‘I have wanted to do this coaching position for a long time and I look forward to this challenge. It is a big challenge. We have not had the best of seasons in the past years in terms of consistency and winning games, and most of all winning trophies. I have had a sneak peek in most international dressing rooms, and I want to bring that international language to the Knights dressing room’, Donald shares in an interview. 

Allan Donald had great international experiences across various cricket formats which can help him coach the team better. To further understand the different cricket formats, head over to Betwala. 

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