Azhar Mahmood Steps Down as Pakistan’s Bowling Coach

Azhar Mahmood Steps Down as Pakistan’s Bowling Coach

Azhar Mahmood Steps Down as Pakistan’s Bowling Coach

The plan is to release current coaching staff members and replace them.

In November 2016, Azhar Mahmood was appointed as Pakistan’s bowling coach for a two-year period. After this, his contract was extended until the 2019 Cricket World Cup. However, as of recent news, he is no longer part of the Men in Green’s coaching staff. It was decided that the Pakistan Cricket Board would undergo major changes in the team, including replacing the coaching staff.

Besides Mahmood, head coach Mickey Arthur was also let go from the team. They were surprised and disappointed at the PCB’s decision. Meanwhile, Mahmood didn’t prefer that the media use the term ‘sacked’ to describe their situation.

“It’s interesting and disappointing at the same time to see media reports of my departure from the role of bowling coach for Pakistan being described as ‘sacking’ when the truth is simply that I was initially hired by the PCB for a two-year contract which was recently extended up to the World Cup and that contract has reached its natural conclusion,” he said in an interview.

Mahmood said that during his time as the bowling coach, he was able to fulfil his tasks. However, the team’s performance during the recent World Cup also weighed heavily on him. To make up for this, he said that the team was preparing for the 2020 T20 World Cup that will take place on October 2020.

“Whilst the decision to not renew the contract is PCB’s alone, there is understandably some disappointment on my side for their decision, especially as I felt that we were all working really well with the team towards preparations for the ICC T20 World Cup in 2020. In addition, we had made some good progress with the Pakistan side in all formats so to see all that not taken into account by the PCB does leave me a little sad,” he added.

Pakistan’s shortcomings during the World Cup have weighed heavily on the team, especially on the coaching staff. This is to prepare for all their future matches, and possibly, even for the Pakistan Super League. To find out more about the different cricket leagues, visit Betwala’s page.

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