Azharuddin wants Dhoni to Continue Playing

Azharuddin wants Dhoni to Continue Playing

Azharuddin wants Dhoni to Continue Playing

Mohammad Azharuddin appeals to MS Dhoni to keep playing aggressively.

No one knows if and when MS Dhoni will retire after his subpar performance in the ICC World Cup 2019 - no one except Dhoni himself. From the Australia series up until the recently concluded World Cup, his game has been heavily criticized.

He was unable to perform at his usual championship caliber, but in his last dance at the semi-final match against England, it looked like his game was back. However, this wasn’t enough to save him from all the criticism that would come his way. Now that he has decided to take two months off instead of joining the tour of West Indies, speculations are saying that he will hang up the gloves. This is also what former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin also suspects and said that “the selectors and Dhoni should sit down and have a talk about it so that there are no misunderstandings.”

“The player is also taken into confidence and spoken to. I feel some decisions will be finalized. Otherwise, people will keep writing that (he) should retire, not retire. Because no statement has come from Dhoni,” said Azharuddin. “My opinion is that if he is fit and playing well, he should play. If he is fit and performance is good, he can play. Sometimes what happens is, interest is lost after playing so much cricket. If his interest is still 100 percent, I feel, he is a good player and he should play. But, I just want to request him.”

“Whenever he plays, he should play aggressively. Sometimes, reflexes slow down after a certain age. But, Dhoni, it does not appear that the reflexes are slow. If he plays his natural game more, I feel that will be good for India,” he added.

Dhoni and Azharuddin were both former captains of Team India so the latter may have a point. After playing in the different formats of the game, he may know what is going on in Dhoni's mind. To find out more about the different cricket formats, visit Betwala's page.

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