BCB Calls Off Personal Training

BCB Calls Off Personal Training

BCB Calls Off Personal Training

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has temporarily stopped their individual training sessions as some of their staff showed COVID-19 symptoms. 

Initially, the Bangladesh Cricket Board was reluctant to let their players train. However, due to the insistence of the athletes, the BCB eventually agreed that their players kick-off their training in preparation for the tour against Sri Lanka. 

Just recently, few members of the staff started to show some symptoms that may be COVID-19 related. With that, the BCB decided to stop the individual practice sessions for three days in order to follow some safety protocols. 

As per BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury, ‘This was an individual training session and we made up our mind that we would stop it if we see any kind of danger. It was in our medical plan that we will take a break if any situation arises and forces us to do it. We have found out some of them got symptoms and so we decided to stop the training for a few days’. 

‘Initially, everyone followed the rules but it was not the case during the latter part of the practice. We want to make sure we are cautious to the highest order ahead of the tour of Sri Lanka’, he added. 

Aside from the individual training sessions, the BCB also plans to conduct a week-long residential camp in preparation for the said tour. The camp will start on September 21 where the safety of all will be checked through COVID-19 tests before the said tour. 

Bangladesh’s tour of Sri Lanka was originally scheduled for July to August. As it had been postponed, the kick-off of the said tour has been moved to October 24. The Bangladesh team will fly towards Sri Lanka on September 27 to prepare for their three Test matches. To further understand the Test format of cricket, visit Betwala. 

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