BCCI Clarifies its Stand on Doping

BCCI Clarifies its Stand on Doping

BCCI Clarifies its Stand on Doping

Prithvi Shaw was the latest player to be suspended due to a doping issue. The BCCI stressed the importance of anti-doping programmes.

Some have called Prithvi Shaw as the next Sachin Tendulkar, but because of his recent run-in with doping rules set forth by the BCCI, the 19-year-old is starting to be doubted. He was suspended starting March 2019 for a doping violation along with two other players. The BCCI also faced concerns over being able to handle young players.

During a random drug test, Shaw tested positive for Terbutaline, a banned substance that is commonly found in cough syrups. However, the player said that he ingested the substance accidentally. Regardless, he has been given a suspension for using a banned substance. Because of this, the BCCI also faced heavy criticism.

The body’s anti-doping manager, Dr Abhijit Salvi, clarified where the board stands. “I keep telling the players even if it is paracetamol, which is not banned, even if it is a tablet for fever, call me. I won’t be irritated. I am there to help you. But somewhere people tend to think it is okay, it is just cough syrup. How can it contain a banned substance? And then make the mistake,” he said.

“I am sure Prithvi knew about BCCI having an anti-doping programme and the helpline. He attended at least three anti-doping education programmes with us. He might have even attended the ICC’s programme conducted at the Under-19 World Cup in 2018. So he was well aware, but probably he just overlooked it and thought to himself ‘okay, the cough syrup shouldn’t be that dangerous’.”

With Prithvi Shaw not part of the Indian team that will tour West Indies, their odds of winning the match could be significantly less than if he was in the team. To find out more about cricket odds, visit Betwala's page.

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