BCCI to Go Ahead with IPL Plans

BCCI to Go Ahead with IPL Plans

BCCI to Go Ahead with IPL Plans

The BCCI is planning to go ahead with their plans for the IPL despite the uncertainty of the T20 World Cup of the ICC. 

In a letter written by BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, he stated that the board will shortly decide on the future course of the Indian Premier League. He also stated that the board is most willing to host the event in empty stadiums even if it may be a little critical to its revenue. 

As Ganguly had stated in his letter, ‘The BCCI is working on all possible options to ensure that we are able to stage the IPL this year, even if it means playing the tournament in empty stadiums. The fans, franchisees, players, broadcasters, sponsors and all other stakeholders are keenly looking forward to the possibility of IPL being hosted this year’. 

‘Recently a lot of players, both from India and other countries, participating in IPL have also shown their keenness on being a part of this year's IPL. We are optimistic and the BCCI will shortly decide on the future course of action on this’, the letter added. 

It has been learned that the BCCI’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for resumption had all been finalised in India. However, the said SOPs which target the resumption of cricket still lacks the approval of the office-bearers.

Still, the BCCI continues to wait for the ICC’s final decision for the World Cup so that they may determine the availability of both their national and import players who’ll participate in the IPL. To know more about the IPL, visit Betwala. 

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