Ben Stokes “Superhuman” Performance Leads England to Victory

Ben Stokes “Superhuman” Performance Leads England to Victory

Ben Stokes “Superhuman” Performance Leads England to Victory

His knock will go be remembered as long as there is cricket.

Cricket fans were treated to a very, very close game at Lord’s when England and New Zealand faced each other for the cricket world cup title at Lord’s. The game was a testament to the player’s skill, persistence, and passion in wanting to win the tournament for their team. The teams reached the final over tied, prompting a super over. In the end, England’s brilliance led them to be the winner of the tournament: founders of the game, champions of the world.

As the game neared its end, Stokes, who would usually celebrate a win with cheers and laughs, was in tears while he was surrounded by his teammates and players alike; he was overwhelmed with emotion and the support he had received throughout. He not only was named the Man of the Match with his unbeaten 84, but he also became the only England player to collect 400+ runs and take five plus wickets in a World Cup.

His road to redemption was not easy - he was dropped from the team, was in-and-out of fights, and cost his team the World T20 title three years ago. Fast forward to now,  his performance earned him and the team a place in the history book as World Cup Champions. 

“I’m pretty lost for words. All the hard work that’s gone on in these four years, and to execute with such a good game is unthinkable,” said Stokes at the post-match press conference.

The next tournament England will be in is The Ashes which will begin next month. Why not stay ahead of the competition and read about cricket leagues on Betwala's page.

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