Ben Stokes Slams The Sun Article About Family Tragedy

Ben Stokes Slams The Sun Article About Family Tragedy

Ben Stokes Slams The Sun Article About Family Tragedy

The England cricketer released a statement and criticised the actions of The Sun

All-rounder Ben Stokes slammed the front-page article of The Sun about his family’s tragedy that took place 31 years ago. He called the tabloid’s article ‘heartless’ and ‘utterly disgusting’. The English cricketer posted a statement on Twitter about the article.  

‘Today the Sun has seen fit to publish extremely painful, sensitive and personal details concerning events in the private lives of my family, going back more than 31 years', he wrote. 

'It is hard to find words that adequately describe such low and despicable behaviour, disguised as journalism. I cannot conceive of anything more immoral, heartless or contemptuous to the feelings and circumstances of my family’.

Stokes criticised The Sun’s article as the lowest form of journalism. He asked people to respect his family’s privacy. 

‘To use my name as an excuse to shatter the privacy and private lives of – in particular – my parents is utterly disgusting’, he wrote.

The Sun’s article about the murders of his two half-siblings in 1988 reported the whole tragedy. His mother’s ex-husband killed their two children before killing himself. 

England and Wales Cricket Board Chief Executive Tom Harrison condemned The Sun’s decision to publish the article. He stated that he is disgusted at their actions. Support from Stokes’ fans poured on Twitter and criticised the tabloid.

Ben Stokes is recently taking a break after playing for The Ashes series. He is also part of the England Cricket Team who won in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. To know more about the tournament, read the page at Betwala. 

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