“Boom, Boom, Afridi” Chant Welcomes Dhoni in Kashmir

“Boom, Boom, Afridi” Chant Welcomes Dhoni in Kashmir

“Boom, Boom, Afridi” Chant Welcomes Dhoni in Kashmir

The veteran who took two months off from cricket is serving with the Army.

Dhoni finds himself in a new environment, far away from the bats and wickets of the game he loves. The veteran, also an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, is in Kashmir serving with the 106 TA Battalion (Para) of the Indian Army. Fans of Dhoni are keeping watch over him especially since Kashmir is a militia-hotbed. The tension has risen to new heights after the government’s decision to overrule Article 370.

Dhoni, who has always been selfless when it comes to India, was seen playing volleyball with the troops in Kashmir. However, not all is fine in Kashmir. Even though most fans applauded Dhoni’s decision to serve in the Army, most of the people of Kashmir aren’t fans of him. The townsfolk showed their displeasure when he was in Baramulla. When they spotted Dhoni in his uniform, they immediately started shouting Shahid Afridi, a Pakistan cricketer.

All is not lost for Dhoni because he is likely to return to the game when India host South Africa in September; they will play three T20Is and three Tests against the Proteas. People will see if Dhoni can make up for his subpar performance in the 2019 World Cup.

India will most likely recall Dhoni back into the game when they host the Proteas for their tour. The tour will consist of three T20Is and three Tests and will begin sometime in September. To find out more about the different cricket formats, visit Betwala’s page.

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