Briana Lara Names Who Could Break His Record

Briana Lara Names Who Could Break His Record

Briana Lara Names Who Could Break His Record

He currently holds the highest Test score set by a batsman at 400. 

Brian Lara, a former West Indies batsman, is considered to be one of the all-time greatest batsmen in cricket. Arguably, he is also one of the most complete left-hander to ever play the game. He made his Test debut back in 1990 and has gone on to achieve greatness. He was mainly known for scoring huge numbers and batting for extended periods of time. His first century totalled 277 against Australia back in 1993.

Back in 1994, he hit another milestone when he scored 375 against England. In doing so, he broke the record of the highest Test score by a batsman which was previously held by Sir Gary Sobers who was also present that day to witness a new world record.

Matthew Hayden then scored 380 against Zimbabwe in 2003 but this record would only stand for a few months. Brian Lara would later score 400 against England, being the only batsman to achieve this. Just recently, David Warner came close to beating the record by scoring 335 against Pakistan in the Adelaide Test.

Lara actually wanted his record to be broken and was even ready to congratulate Warner had he done so. However, skipper Tim Paine realized that his team was ahead by a lot and declared the innings with 589 runs on the board. Lara said that ‘records are meant to be broken’ and he had hoped that Paine would let Warner try and beat the record instead of declaring.

Besides Warner, Lara believes that the Indian pair of Rohit Sharma and Prithvi Shaw are the two other players who could break his record of 400 runs. ‘A guy like Rohit Sharma who you know you wonder if he’s still a Test cricketer or not’, said Lara.

‘If he gets going on a good day, on his day, on a good pitch, right situation he can do it. It will need an attacking option. I know he’s fell off the radar a little bit, Prithvi Shaw was one of those attacking options. Hey, here’s a 19-year-old who has the world in front of him, hopefully, he can come back soon’.

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