Chris Nenzani Steps Down as CSA President

Chris Nenzani Steps Down as CSA President

Chris Nenzani Steps Down as CSA President

CSA president Chris Nenzani steps down from his presidential post in the CSA three weeks just before his term ended. 

Chris Nenzani has been the president of Cricket South Africa since February 2013 and was supposed to vacate his post on September 5. However, Nenzani had opted to give up his position three weeks before the turnover of his post to be held at CSA’s annual meeting. 

The first parts of his tenure went smoothly until 2017 when Thabang Moroe became vice-president. That time, scandals started to surface and had dragged Moroe to a suspension in 2019. Then, CSA suffered from a financial and governance catastrophe that made them indebted until the end of 2022 with an amount of $57.4 million. Aside from that, their ties with their primary sponsors as well as with their players were on the brink of collapse. 

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Nenzani still remained to be under boiling waters as the Black Lives Matter movement took centre stage of the South African cricket. As different sports organizations and different countries paid respect to the movement, South African coaches and players also went to social media to complain about their experiences. As per their statements, it may be inferred that the Nenzani’s presidency in the CSA had not been able to foster a comfortable playing environment for everyone.  

Nenzani’s reign as president of the organization will thoroughly be remembered by the organization to be commendable at first until things had started to collapse. With his presidency, CSA has been brought lots of destruction as they were led into the wrong way. 

After Nenzani’s resignation, Beresford Williams has been appointed as acting CSA president and acting chief executive Jacques Faul has also resigned from his post. To learn more about how cricket is played, check out Betwala. 

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