Cricket Australia to Hold Five Tests Against India

Cricket Australia to Hold Five Tests Against India

Cricket Australia to Hold Five Tests Against India

Australia considers turning their four-match Test series with India into a five-game competition to be held behind closed doors.

Cricket Australia (CA) and the BCCI are currently working together to deliver India’s Test tour Down Under. As the two cricket committees are looking for ways to creatively push through with the game instead of having it cancelled. Among those which are being considered is that the Tests be held in front of empty stadiums just to ensure that takes place. 

As per CA’s chief executive Kevin Roberts, they are really trying to be as creative as possible to ensure that the tour happens as scheduled. In that way, their success may help them maximise their revenue in order to help their players and staff. 

Roberts said, ‘At this point, we won't rule anything out in terms of the Indian series. Along with the BCCI, the Indian players and their support staff, we want to stage a series that inspires the cricket world, whether or not there are people at the venue or not sitting in the stands. So we'll explore all viable options, many of which wouldn't have been contemplated until now. We are in a different world where all of a sudden we're being grateful for what we have rather than lament about things that we don't’. 

Together with the BCCI, the two cricket organizations also consider the possibility of turning their four-match Test series into a five Tests instead. Roberts also shared that it’s also possible to hold the event in just one stadium just to make it happen. 

A Test match is the longest format of cricket which is being well-awaited by the fans. To know more about Test matches, head over to Betwala. 

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