Dhoni Suffered Fracture on Finger; Wanted to Keep it a ‘Secret’

Dhoni Suffered Fracture on Finger; Wanted to Keep it a ‘Secret’

Dhoni Suffered Fracture on Finger; Wanted to Keep it a ‘Secret’

He suffered a hairline fracture on his finger.

Following the 2019 Cricket World Cup, MS Dhoni was in the news for some time for many reasons. During their match against England in the tournament, he had been criticized and praised for most of the things he did. One thing that earned him praise was the image of him spitting blood. It has been revealed recently that he had injured one finger during the game but chose to keep it a secret.

Dhoni is currently serving in the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army in Kashmir. This came after his decision to not play for the team and take a short break from cricket. After the 2019 World Cup, people were speculating that he would retire given his subpar performance. Despite the rumours, Dhoni continued to play in the tournament with the injured finger and is yet to have it scanned.

“Dhoni injured a finger during India Vs England match. However, he continued to be in the game even after the injury. The intensity of the damage is so high that it is speculated to be a hairline fracture. It’s hurting the former captain of India so much that he cannot even close his fist,” a report said. 

The main reason he didn’t keep the injury a secret was so that he could take part in the Army training and didn’t want to get disqualified. “Dhoni wanted to keep this injury a big secret. He didn’t want any fuss around it. In fact, he has not even got it scanned by the doctors in order to avoid the beans getting spilt. The big reason behind this being the Territorial Army. He didn’t want the injury to get officially detected for obvious reasons, as he didn’t want to get disqualified for training.”

MS Dhoni is currently serving in the India Army but has made no announcements regarding his plans for cricket. Regardless, India is still touring the West Indies and will look to win their remaining matches before hosting South Africa. To find out more about India’s future matches, visit Betwala’s page.

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