ECB's Financial Support During Pandemic

ECB's Financial Support During Pandemic

ECB's Financial Support During Pandemic

The financial support package is approved to support English cricket during COVID-19 outbreak.

It was announced that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) approved a total of GBP 35.7 million financial package to support professional and recreational cricket during coronavirus outbreak. This is in addition to the initial financial support worth GBP 61 million three months ago. 

The GBP 30.2 million is allocated for the First-Class Counties (FCC) and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) while the remaining GBP 5.5 million will be for the County Cricket Boards (CCBs). 

‘It is the ECB’s responsibility to protect the whole game’s future during the financial uncertainty we face as a sport’, Tom Harrison said, the CEO of ECB. 

‘We continue to work closely with all levels of the game to understand the challenges that are being presented and to map out a plan for the future. While I am pleased the ECB Board has been able to approve this financial support package for the remainder of this year we are still only at the beginning of addressing the impact of this crisis on cricket’, he added.

Harrison also assured that their top priority is to resume all cricket tournaments this summer. The committee will also work with the government regarding the guidelines and limits to be observed once the games resume.

ECB is also the founder and governing body of the T20 Blast League. To learn more about T20 Blast League, check out Betwala.

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