English Players’ Return to Training Gets Delayed

English Players’ Return to Training Gets Delayed

English Players’ Return to Training Gets Delayed

The bowlers of England was supposed to return to their training but it had been delayed due to some complications about their safety. 

The ECB had high hopes that their players would be able to train once more on their respective county grounds on Wednesday. However, there had been issues with regards to the establishment of uniform practices which could minimize the chances of infection. 

Some issues that are being reviewed is the scarcity of personal protective equipment (PPE) which needs to be worn by physios. Another issue being dealt with is the delay of some batches of balls which need to reach the bowlers as each one will need to use their own supply of balls for hygienic purposes. Aside from that, all of the players will also need to complete appropriate online awareness modules before they can attend their training sessions. 

With regards to the issue, an ECB spokesperson suggested that the training will not start until Thursday at the earliest. More so, the management remains hopeful that the training can really resume before the week ends. 

At the moment, the ECB may not yet have an adequate amount of PPEs that they can distribute to the different county grounds. Still, they remain hopeful that these issues will not cause any delay to the kickoff of the international season scheduled on July 8. 

If the Test match between England and the West Indies push through on July, then it may be the first match to have resumed after the postponements have been made last March. To know more about Test matches, visit Betwala. 

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