FICA Addresses ICC About Contract Breaches

FICA Addresses ICC About Contract Breaches

FICA Addresses ICC About Contract Breaches

FICA has asked the ICC to discuss the systematic breaches in cricket based on the Global Employment Report released on Monday. 

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) found players who are dealing with pay issues from six different T20 leagues. With that, they have decided to call on to the ICC to explain why one-third of the players had been receiving late payments or none at all. 

So far, the FICA has identified six different leagues who have payment issues. These are the Global T20 Canada, Bangladesh Premier League, Abu Dhabi T10, Qatar T10, Euro T20 Slam, and the Masters Champions League. Based on the Men’s Global Employment Report 2020, FICA has discovered that 34% of players on the said leagues had dealt with payment problems. 

As per FICA CEO Tom Moffat, ‘Systematic contract breaches and non-payment of players are issues that urgently need addressing. The ICC has an obligation to protect people working within its regulatory frameworks and it's time something was done about this issue’. 

‘We continue to urge decision-makers to work with FICA at global level, and players' associations at domestic level, to develop joint solutions to issues highlighted in these reports, many of which are likely to be exacerbated by the current global situation’, he added. 

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