Former South African Players Criticizes Team

Former South African Players Criticizes Team

Former South African Players Criticizes Team

South Africa receives criticism and support from former players

Former South African players Pat Symcox and Dave Callaghan criticizes team’s three-straight defeats in 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup to England, Bangladesh, and India.

Previous all-rounder Symcox says that he has no confidence in the system or production line of Proteas players anymore.

“We can have a go at the team and the players, but they are probably the best we’ve got at the moment, and they’re only products of the system,” said Symcox in an interview with The Citizen. “I have no confidence in the system or the production line anymore and this can’t be turned around by one or two players.”

Symcox recognized that injuries on fast bowlers Dale Steyn and Lungi Ngidi had a big impact on the Proteas’ chances but said that the batsmen were at fault in the matches as well.

“If your batters don’t score enough runs it makes no difference who your bowlers are on flat will lose to good teams,” said Symcox in a tweet.

Meanwhile, former all-rounder Callaghan agreed with Symcox that there is a problem with South Africa’s current system.

“Let’s not put all the blame on the players,” Callaghan said on a post on Facebook. “It’s our system which is at fault. The players who took the field were the best available.”

However, a few people like former spin bowler Paul Adams and provincial cricket player Dave Nosworthy showed support by urging the Proteas to do well in their next match.

“It’s on to the next game...and they will need six out of six to try and qualify for the knockouts,” tweeted Adams.

Nosworthy said that there are plenty of areas that South Africa needs to address in their following matches but things can only be better for the team. He continued that this is the time for Proteas players to step up their game and make a name for themselves.

Due to their three straight losses, the Proteas only has +3750 odds of winning the entire tournament.

South Africa will be playing against West Indies on June 10 at Rose Bowl Cricket Ground.