ICC Cricket World Cup - Week 2 Standings

ICC Cricket World Cup - Week 2 Standings

ICC Cricket World Cup - Week 2 Standings

See the standings of the teams in the 2nd week of Cricket World Cup

As the second week of the ICC Cricket World Cup rolls around, some of the ten teams playing have experienced a few losses and wins in their matches.

Currently. New Zealand stands on top of the other teams with the highest performance rate of +2.3. They have successfully won two of their matches against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh by 10 and 2 wickets, respectively. Following them is Australia who also had successive wins on two of their matches with a performance rate of +1.05.

West Indies ranks third because they won their match against Pakistan by 7 wickets but lost their second match to Australia. However, their performance rate is still high with +2.05.

England was successful in their World Cup opener against South Africa but lost against Pakistan, which caused their performance rate to be +0.9.

Tournament favourites India won their first match against South Africa. Since their second match is still on Sunday against Australia, they currently only rate at +0.302.

Bangladesh follows with one win against South Africa by 21 runs but they loss to New Zealand in their second match by two wickets. The Tigers rate at +0.008.

Sri Lanka ranks seventh in the competition because they lost to Black Caps on their first match but won against Afghanistan by 34 runs in their second. Due to this, they have a performance rate of -1.5.

Following them is Pakistan who lost their first game to West Indies but won their second against England by 14 runs. Their performance is rated at -2.4.

Ranked ninth in the second week is South Africa who suffered three consecutive losses in their matches against England, Bangladesh, and India. However, their performance is currently rated at -0.95.

Last is Afghanistan who also lost two of their matches with only a -1.26 performance rate.

Despite these standings, home team England still has the best odds of winning the entire tournament with +200. The Men in Blue follows closely with +305 and previous World Cup champions closes in with +315.

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