ICC Proposes Four-day Test Matches

ICC Proposes Four-day Test Matches

ICC Proposes Four-day Test Matches

The International Cricket Council considers to change 5-day Test matches into 4 days, and a number of cricket players share their opinions. 

The ICC is considering the change of 5-day Test cricket into a 4-day match. As England and South Africa finish their series, they lay out a fifth-day conclusion to wrap up the series with a draw of 1-1. The result was a victory for England with 8.4 overs remaining for the last day. 

To this, both captains of the opposing teams -- Joe Root and Faf du Plessis and the Player of the Match, Ben Stokes, share their opinions on the importance of a fifth-day in a Test series. They commended the format despite the added workload, scheduling and finances. 

Stokes said, ‘When you have series in which the first few games are results, it makes things very interesting, And that's why five-day cricket should always be around’. 

During the last day of the series, Cricket South Africa expressed their strong opposition and disapproval on the shift to four-day Test in an interview.  

South Africa’s du Plessis shares that he also declines to the change of the format. He said, ‘I am a fan of Test cricket going five days. The great draws of the game go five days. I understand there is a lot of money being burnt on day-five cricket because a lot of Test matches are not going five days. But I am still a purist of the game because I have been part of some great draws and today is no different’.

South Africa and England are set to meet once again on January 16, 2020, for the Test series. 

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