IPL 2020 to be Postponed Indefinitely

IPL 2020 to be Postponed Indefinitely

IPL 2020 to be Postponed Indefinitely

The BCCI decided to postpone IPL 2020 indefinitely as the Indian government extends the lockdown amid COVID-19. 

The lockdown in India was extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi up until May 3 to combat COVID-19 which worsens in India. With that, all franchises of the IPL had been told that this season will be postponed indefinitely. 

‘Yes, the BCCI has intimated us that IPL has been postponed for the time being but they are hopeful of finding a window later this year as and when things normalise’, said a veteran franchise official. 

The BCCI has not yet made an official announcement with regards to their decision as they had not yet met with the IPL for a meeting. This is the second time in which the IPL has been postponed for this season as the BCCI originally postponed the league to April 15. However, with an extended lockdown in the country, the IPL had been put off indefinitely. 

The extended lockdown in the country only means that cricket matches will still be postponed in line with the other sports events in the country. In line with that, the country still imposes a strict travel ban which only means that no overseas player for the IPL can enter the country to play. 

Still, the BCCI remains hopeful that a month-long IPL will be held at the start of June even behind closed doors in just one city or state. Financial problems also start to surface for the players as none of them will be paid until the tournament takes place. 

The IPL was supposed to kick-off last March 29 at the Wankhede Stadium in a match between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings. However, this match, as well as the other matches, will have to wait until the country goes back to normal. For more information about the IPL, head over to Betwala. 

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