Jhye Richardson Undergoes Shoulder Surgery

Jhye Richardson Undergoes Shoulder Surgery

Jhye Richardson Undergoes Shoulder Surgery

Australian player Jhye Richardson has undergone shoulder surgery after his injury had recurred. 

More than a year ago, Jhye Richardson dislocated his right shoulder in an Australian match series against Pakistan. In the second ODI, Richardson dived with lots of force which led to the dislocation of his arm. After obtaining such injury, he had been ruled out for six months and was forced to miss out on the World Cup and the 2019 Ashes. Last month, he finally underwent a surgery that would help fix it. 

After his recovery, Richardson returned to Australia and played against Africa. There, the 23-year-old player dealt with heavy discomfort as he aimed to bowl the ball. That scenario triggered the need for surgery in Richardson’s case. 

As per Cricket Australia’s chief medical officer Alex Kountouris, ‘All the ligaments become loose when you do dislocate and then the surgery essentially involves tightening things up. (The original injury) was nasty. He dived with a lot of force on his arm. It was something that was quite bad. It's probably not surprising he's had ongoing symptoms and not surprising in general for cricketers because they do need their shoulders to be fairly mobile’.

Kountouris also said that the recovery for the surgery will be lengthy. He also said that Richardson has a large opportunity to heal first as cricket matches remain suspended. 

Richardson has been featured in 34 international matches of Australia and has claimed a total of 39 wickets. Should he be well-recovered once cricket resumes, he is expected to be fit for the upcoming T20 World Cup to be held in Australia. To learn more about T20s, check out Betwala.

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