Jos Buttler to Miss RR’s First Game

Jos Buttler to Miss RR’s First Game

Jos Buttler to Miss RR’s First Game

Jos Buttler is set to miss out the first game of the Rajasthan Royals against the Chennai Super Kings. 

English player Jos Buttler will have to quarantine himself longer than the other players as he arrives in Dubai with his family. Originally, the BCCI required all incoming players to undergo a 36-hour quarantine period upon arriving from the UK. However, Buttler decided to travel separately by coming in with his family. With that, he was required to undergo a six-day mandatory quarantine period. 

This was also confirmed by Buttler himself. In an Instagram Live which he did on the Royals’ page, he says, ‘I'm unfortunately going to miss the first match for Rajasthan because I'm going to be doing my quarantine period because I'm here with my family - which is great that the Royals have allowed me to have my family out here. It'll be a huge help in lockdown having my family here with me’. 

Buttler also stated that he hasn’t met the team’s opening batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal yet. ‘I have not met him yet but I am excited that he has joined the Royals. He has been doing brilliantly well for India U-19, he is such a huge talent. I am looking forward to meeting him and watch him bat. It is always getting to see young Indian talents unearth in the IPL. I am glad that he is on the Royals side’, Buttler said. 

Having missed out the first games of the competition, he has also missed out in seeing MS Dhoni back on the field to play competitive cricket. With that, Buttler also said that he is a huge MS Dhoni fan and that it’s great to see him back. He also shares his admiration for Sanju Samson whom he’ll get to work with in Rajasthan Royals.  

So far, the odds for their upcoming match are +102.04 for the Rajasthan Royals and -131.58 for the Chennai Super Kings. To check out the odds of the other upcoming IPL matches, visit Betwala. 

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