Kane Williamson in Disbelief, Trouble Accepting Defeat

Kane Williamson in Disbelief, Trouble Accepting Defeat

Kane Williamson in Disbelief, Trouble Accepting Defeat

New Zealand loss to England weighs heavily on the team and players.

Kane Williamson said that their loss to England in the World Cup final was ‘hard to swallow’ since they scored fewer boundaries than them. The Kiwis came close to winning the World Cup; it would have been their first title as well. The match and the Super Over ended in a tie, only with England to win by ‘the slimmest of margins.’

England finished on 241 chasing New Zealand’s 241-8, and they both tied at 15 at the end of the six-ball Super Over. The tie was broken based on who hit the most fours and sixes. Williamson said it was the most painful way to lose but didn’t lash out at the International Cricket Council for the loss.

“What did they win it on, boundaries? While the emotions are raw, it’s pretty hard to swallow when two teams work so hard to get to this moment in time,” he said. “We had two attempts to separate us and still couldn’t - it is what it is, the rules are there at the start and they probably never thought they would have to use them.”

It seemed like a replay of the last Cricket World Cup where they lost to Australia. It was more traumatic for Williamson than any other player since they came so close to beating England twice - once in the match, and the other in the Super Over. “Gutted, obviously. We put a huge amount of work to get to the final and to pretty much do all we could… I have spoken a lot about uncontrollable factors and there were a few today which are hard to swallow.”

“England deserved the win. Take nothing away from them. It’s one of those things,” he added.

England has won their first cricket world cup. However, their next tournament, The Ashes, will see them facing a seasoned rival - Australia. The odds for that tournament and the teams will soon be available. To find out more about cricket odds, visit Betwala's page.

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