Khalid Wazir Passes Away at 84

Khalid Wazir Passes Away at 84

Khalid Wazir Passes Away at 84

Former Pakistan Test player Khalid Wazir dies at the age of 84 due to a prolonged illness. 

Khalid Wazir is the son of former Indian Test player Syed Wazir Ali and a nephew of Nazir Ali. After his appearance on the Test matches of Pakistan, he no longer played first-class cricket and thus ended his first-class career just before he turned 19. 

Due to prolonged injury and illness, Wazir has breathed his last at the age of 84 in his home located at Chester. 

Looking back on his career, Wazir had his international debut in 1954 on a Pakistan match against England which was held at Lord’s. During that time, he was the 16th Test cricketer and the second-youngest player during the time of his debut. 

Wazir was only able to play two Test matches for his career but it was a significant one for he had been a part of Pakistan’s side on the match where they proved the world that they are a great cricketing team. However, he has only played two Test matches on his career as he had only scored 14 runs in his three innings and was unable to bowl. 

By 1962, he was invited to play for England but he was unable to join them as he was already living in England. In England, he became a successful club cricketer in the North Staffordshire and in the District League. 

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