KM Asif Breaches Biosecure Bubble

KM Asif Breaches Biosecure Bubble

KM Asif Breaches Biosecure Bubble

Chennai Super Kings bowler KM Asif becomes the first player to breach the biosecure bubble of IPL 2020 in UAE. 

Strict implementations had been made for IPL 2020 to ensure the safety of all players during their time in the UAE. However, it was just recently that KM Asif, Chennai Super Kings’ bowler, becomes the first player to breach the said biosecure bubble. With that, he was placed under a six-day quarantine before being allowed back into the team. 

It was said that the reason why the breach took place was that he had misplaced the key to his hotel room. After that, he went to the reception to have it replaced. This is what had already been considered as the breach of the safety protocol as the reception is not a part of the designated area declared in the guidelines. 

An IPL source said, ‘It was an unintentional mistake but rules had to be followed. He underwent six days of quarantine and has now resumed practice with the team’. 

So far, all franchises had already been informed about the repercussions of breaching the safety bubble. For the first offence, a player will be sent into a six-day quarantine. For the second offence, the player will be suspended for one match and another six-day quarantine. However, a third breach in the protocol will cause removal from the tournament and a heavy price to be paid. 

CSK’s next game will be held at the Dubai International Stadium against the Sunrisers Hyderabad on October 2. To know more about these teams of the IPL, visit Betwala. 

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