Kohli Denied Rumours of His Rift With Sharma

Kohli Denied Rumours of His Rift With Sharma

Kohli Denied Rumours of His Rift With Sharma

Virat Kohli baffled about the rumours of his rift with Rohit Sharma

India team captain Virat Kohli denied rumours that he had a rift with vice-captain Rohit Sharma. This comes after various sources reported that Sharma unfollowed Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma on Instagram.

"In my opinion, it's baffling to be honest. Ridiculous to read some stuff that comes out," said Kohli in an interview. “Here we are feeding off lies, we are overlooking facts, turning a blind eye to all the good things that have happened. And creating fantasies and scenarios in our head and we want to accept this is the truth. I have seen this for too long now. It's bringing personal lives into the picture. It is disrespectful after a moment.”

"I have played the game for 11 years, Rohit's played for 10 years, it's bizarre that you know... (all of these rumours) from the outside when the changeroom environment is so good," continued Kohli. “Please come and see for yourself, how to talk to a young Kuldeep Yadav or talk with respect to a senior like MS Dhoni. We can't show you a video.”

“It baffles you as a leader, as a coach, and as a team when lies are being floated around. And they are made to look believable. We have had no issues."

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