Kohli Remains Positive on Upcoming Match Against Australia

Kohli Remains Positive on Upcoming Match Against Australia

Kohli Remains Positive on Upcoming Match Against Australia

The captain of the India national cricket team claims that their upcoming match against Australia may be the best Test series in past five to six years. 

An upcoming four-match Test series is set to happen between Australia and India. Virat Kohli is looking forward to an intense fight against the Australian cricket team. 

Kohli is one step ahead and already claimed that this Test series could be the ‘best series we’ve seen in the past five to six years’. Part of it is their expectation of the opposing team’s threats in batting. 

Kohli said in an interview, ‘Having won last year, that gives us a lot more confidence going back. This time around the series is going to be different, in terms of their batting challenging our bowlers. To be fair, last time around, the players were not that experienced. If you take out David (Warner) and Steve (Smith)... Marnus (Labuschagne) came in but he played only one game. The way he's shaped up in the last summer, it's amazing --so much consistency it always good to watch at the international level --and the hunger and passion, you can see in his game’.

He then continued, ‘It'll be a challenge for us to break through that batting order but it's a challenge we should look forward to. We should not look forward to easy games and going to Australia, you should not expect anything easy. We want to keep challenging ourselves as a team and we're the top two sides in the table as well, in the world championship. I'm sure it's going to be amazing for people to watch because the series will be right up there with any of the best series we've seen in the past five-six years. We're pretty excited for it'.

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