Kohli Wants Shastri as Head Coach

Kohli Wants Shastri as Head Coach

Kohli Wants Shastri as Head Coach

The chemistry between the two could disappear if either is removed from the team.

When Anil Kumble resigned from his position as head coach, Indian cricket was in turmoil, to say the least. His coaching style wasn’t a fit for the team especially for Virat Kohli who had a lot of differences. After Kumble’s departure, Kohli made it clear that he wanted Ravi Shastri as head coach.

Despite getting his wish, things haven’t played out according to their expectations. While registering some memorable wins, their performance lacked when it mattered the most. Entering the World Cup 2019, India was a strong contender for the title as well as a crowd favorite. Even though they fared relatively well in the group stage, they failed to get past New Zealand in the semi-finals. When Shastri was the director of the team during the World Cup 2015, they lost the semi-finals too.

The conclusion of the tournament also saw Shastri’s contract come to an end, and the BCCI is currently advertising the position to new applicants. However, Shastri’s and the other coaching staff’s contract has been extended by 45 days, allowing him to continue as head coach during the West Indies tour.

Kohli said he will speak to the CAC if ever they ask for his opinion or advice. He said that the team has camaraderie with ‘Ravi Bhai’ and that they have mutual respect for one another. They would be happy if Shastri would still be their head coach following the tour of West Indies.

“If the CAC (Cricket Advisory Committee) wants my advice or opinion, I’ll speak to them. With Ravi Bhai, we share a great camaraderie and have mutual respect. We will be very happy if he continues. We have done well under him. But I haven’t been contacted.”

With the India tour of West Indies fast approaching, the need for a (possibly) new head coach is becoming one of the priorities. Only time will tell whether a new head coach will have the same (or more) chemistry with the players. To know if the odds will be in India’s favor in their upcoming tour, visit Betwala’s page.

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