Mahmudullah Available for Tour of Pakistan

Mahmudullah Available for Tour of Pakistan

Mahmudullah Available for Tour of Pakistan

Mahmudullah Riyad stated the concerns of his family regarding their upcoming tour of Pakistan, while wicketkeeper, Mushfiqur Rahim is unable to travel to Pakistan. 

The current situation in Pakistan brought uncertainties to the scheduled visit of the Bangladesh cricket team. 

Recently, the Bangladesh Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Board have agreed to have a three-leg series composed of three T20Is in January, a Test match in February and an ODI and Test in April. 

Originally, the series was set to take place from January to February with two Tests and three T20Is. However, Bangladesh didn't want to stay in Pakistan for over seven days. As a solution, the ICC chairman, Shashank Manohar set an intervention for two teams to make a compromise. 

The first phase of the tour will be a three T20I match series from January 24 to 27. 

Mahmudullah said in an interview last Tuesday, ‘It was definitely tough (the decision to tour Pakistan) initially because there were (security) concerns from my family’. 

Based on rankings, Pakistan is at number 1, while Bangladesh is at number 9. However, Mahmudullah said that rankings are not important. He claimed that Bangladesh is ultimately capable to beat Pakistan if they played with their full potential. 

Bangladesh’s T20I captain assured that he is confident of his team and their capabilities. 

The Bangladesh cricket team (+210) left yesterday for Pakistan (-250), to make necessary preparations for the match series against the hosts.

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