Michael Vaughan Criticizes Umpire Joel Wilson

Michael Vaughan Criticizes Umpire Joel Wilson

Michael Vaughan Criticizes Umpire Joel Wilson

The Ashes umpire made more than 10 mistakes that were corrected by the third umpire.

England lost their first Ashes Test match against Australia by 251 runs. Nathan Lyon made the English batsmen work hard for their runs, limiting them to less than 50. He, along with Pat Cummins, only allowed the Brits to score 146 while chasing 398.

Besides the Aussies making the Brits’ lives miserable, umpires also had a role in deciding the outcome of the match. Umpires Joel Wilson and Aleem Dar made multiple mistakes in both innings which were overturned by third umpire Chris Gaffney.

Wilson made more than 10 errors during the game. Luckily, players took to the DRS review system which showed a replay of the instance that was challenged. 

The errors were so many and severe that even Ricky Ponting called for an end in using neutral umpires. Even former England captain Michael Vaughan called out Wilson. He tweeted, “When Joel Wilson gives you OUT .. You just review it .. #Fact #Ashes.” This came after Joe Root went to the DRS review for a second time.

The Ashes is in full swing; Australia and England are going toe-to-toe with one another again for their 71st Test series. The series consists of five five-day Tests played over a month. To find out more about The Ashes and other cricket leagues, visit Betwala’s page.

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