Moeen Ali Is Proud to Have Captained England

Moeen Ali Is Proud to Have Captained England

Moeen Ali Is Proud to Have Captained England

Moeen Ali shares how it had felt to captain the English team when he took over the position of Eoin Morgan for a day. 

England has lost the number one spot when they suffered a five-wicket loss against Australia in the final T20I in Southampton. Still, stand-in captain Moeen Ali feels that they would have beaten Australia if they had taken their chances. 

Ali said, ‘We saw in the first game that if you put Australia under pressure, you push back, they crumble. I felt like that were kind of doing that again tonight. If we take the chances, I feel we would have won the game for sure. Of course, we were short with the bat, but the wicket did get easier and the fielding has to back-up our bowling’. 

‘The incentives were there to try and be number one in the world. I think it's probably a lack of intensity in the field, we have got to switch on. It's a lack of experience as well, we have got some younger players who haven't played that much. Generally, I thought we were poor, a bit slow in the field but we will have to put that right if we want to win the World Cup’, he added. 

In the said game, England was forced to take all the great opportunities in order to win. Sadly, they had dropped three catches and missed out on two good run-out opportunities, granting Australia the upper hand to win. Still, Ali commended Adil Rashid’s performance and called him as one of England’s greatest batters because of his performance in the game. 

Asked about how he felt on being a captain, Ali says, ‘When Morgs told me last night, I was over the moon. I don't feel proud a lot of the time but that was one of the proudest moments. Losing is not great but leading my country out like that was amazing. I'll never, ever forget that’. 

As the T20 series wraps up between the two teams, they will now face each other in their upcoming ODI series where the odds are -136.99 for England and +102 for England. To know more about the latest cricket odds, check out Betwala. 

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