Momentum Walks Out from South Africa’s ODI Sponsorship

Momentum Walks Out from South Africa’s ODI Sponsorship

Momentum Walks Out from South Africa’s ODI Sponsorship

Momentum has pulled out their sponsorship for the South African white-ball team as the cricket board faces some issues. 

Cricket South Africa is currently facing several issues as they are being taken over by the national government sports board. With that, Momentum, the team’s white-ball sponsor has pulled out their sponsorship with the team that had started out since 2012. 

Momentum’s decision to pull out follows the Standard Bank’s cancellation of their 21-year relationship with the cricket team. With that, the South African team will have to face more problems in the days to come as their sponsors have started to pull out one by one. 

Momentum’s official statement as quoted by the head of sponsorship Carel Bosman, said, ‘Momentum has expressed that they are not satisfied with the current state of affairs at CSA regarding governance and other reputational issues. We will continue our dialogue with CSA to keep them accountable to do the right thing. We all want to see a governing body that is run professionally and ethically, and one that considers all stakeholders to the game’. 

‘We have been extraordinarily proud of our role in supporting the advancement of the women's team and remain committed to that sponsorship agreement. Our continued support is in line with our brand narrative and we will continue to shine a light on their talent, build their commercial value and enable them on their journey to success’, he added. 

Simply put, Momentum has clarified that they will no longer renew their contract with the teams that are being scoped by their contract which ends in April 2021, including the national men’s ODI team. Still, the company has stated that they will continue to lend their name and money to the national women’s team. 

To date, uncertainty still surrounds CSA as they got suspended by the national government. To further understand how the sport is played, check out Betwala. 

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