Mortaza Prefers to Continue His Cricket Career

Mortaza Prefers to Continue His Cricket Career

Mortaza Prefers to Continue His Cricket Career

Mortaza still wants to continue playing despite his age and having a total of 14 stitches during his entire cricket career. 

Last January 12, BCB's president Nazmul Hasan announced that Mashrafe Mortaza decided to remove his name in the list of this year's nationally contracted cricketers. ‘We wanted to give him a farewell but now it seems he is not interested. He wants to continue, even if that means playing domestic cricket. Earlier in England, during the World Cup, I had told him that we want to give him a farewell match in Dhaka but now it seems that we have to talk to him again to know a clear picture’, Hasan stated. 

The rumours about Mortaza’s retirement fuelled further when it was known that the 37-year-old cricketer did not make such an announcement. ‘As far as playing cricket is concerned, let my decision be my own. When did I say I want to play in the national team?’, Mortaza stated.

‘I was a national contracted cricketer till yesterday but that is not the case now. I don't think it will be like the board will select a captain and then select the team. What the selectors think, they will do. If BCB asks to quit as a captain I will leave right now', Mortaza added. He also clarified that a grand farewell is not in the top of his mind, he just wants to continue playing cricket whether if it is for the national team or not. 

Mortaza also said, ‘Maybe some players want to leave when they are at their peak while some keep playing because they enjoy the game. Now it could be the national team or in another place. A player does not play only aiming for the national team. I want to play cricket: Dhaka League, I have BPL too. I am enjoying where I am playing. Selectors will think about the national team. I think I have that freedom to play as long as I want. I won't retire if anyone insists’. 

Despite a total of 14 stitches within the 18 years of his cricket career, he still wants to continue his passion. 

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