Nasir Jamshed Faces Deportation

Nasir Jamshed Faces Deportation

Nasir Jamshed Faces Deportation

A few days away from his release from jail, Nasir Jamshed may also be deported back to Pakistan. 

Nasir Jamshed is eight days away from his jail release. Yet, a possible deportation back to Pakistan may make things more complicated for him. 

Jamshed is a former Pakistan batsman who was sentenced to 17 months in prison in February for his involvement in spot-fixing plans in both BPL and PSL matches. Aside from that, he was also banned from cricket for ten years by the anti-corruption tribunal. He is due for release on October 21. 

Despite having a wife and daughter in Birmingham, he is bound to be deported back to Pakistan because of his visa. Prior to the trial for his case, Jamshed was in the UK with a spousal visa as his wife, Samara Afzal, was born in England. 

His visa was due for renewal in February 2019. However, due to his impending court case, the renewal decision for his visa was put off until his case has been decided. With that, he has now received a notification of intention to deport as he had been told that he would be further detained. 

The key to the outcome may be when Jamshed has decided to initially plead not guilty to the corruption charges. None of those close to him said otherwise until a recording of his conversation between his accomplices and an undercover police officer was released to condemn him. As the said recording had been played in court, Jamshed changed his plea to guilty. 

Should he have pleaded guilty initially, then he may have been given a sentence under 12 months. There is a law in the UK which states that a non-citizen who has a prison sentence of more than 12 months is liable for deportation. 

To date, Jamshed will have to wait for his fate next week. So far, it is possible that he could be deported immediately and fight the decision for his case from Pakistan. To further understand cricket, check out Betwala. 

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